Frequently Asked Questions – also available in the laundromat in printed form

1. What is the capacity of the washer?

Washers 301 thru 303 are quadruple load washers. They will hold 4 normal size baskets of laundry or two large comforters or two large sleeping bags.

Washers 304 thru 310 and 315 are triple load washers. They will hold 3 normal size baskets of laundry or one medium comforter or one medium sleeping bag.

Washers 311 thru 314 and 316 thru 319 and 322 and 323 are double load washers. They will hold 2 normal size baskets of laundry or one small comforter. Don’t let the door size fool you. These washers will hold more than it looks like they’ll hold.

Washers 320 and 321 – These washers are HUGE! They’ll hold 8 normal size baskets of laundry or several large comforters, several sleeping bags or several rugs. If you can fill them up, they’re the best deal here.

2. How long is a washing cycle?

It depends on the cycle settings, but in general, washers 301 thru 314 and 320 and 321 will take about 30 minutes to complete a wash cycle. All of the other washers display the time remaining after they’re started. Please remove your load from the washer promptly when the cycle is complete and leave the washer door unlatched.

3. Why won’t the washer allow me to insert quarters?

Washers 301 thru 314 and 316 and 320 require the door to be closed and latched before they will allow quarters to be inserted.

4. Why didn’t the washer rinse the soap out of my wash?

You used too much soap. All of the washers at Tualatin Laundromat are front-load high-efficiency washers. They use less water than older less efficient washers – therefore they need less soap. Washer manufacturers recommend that only HE detergents be used in front-load high-efficiency washers. The Ares brand detergent in our soap dispenser is HE detergent. Regular laundry detergent works, but you need to use less of it in these machines.

5. Which dryer should I use?

All of the dryers depend on unhindered airflow to dry so please be sure the lint filter is clear. There is a lint filter underneath each dryer door (note that the lower dryers have their own lint filter underneath the lower loading door).
All of the dryers work best when loaded to about 1/3 of the way up the door glass.

Dryers 370 thru 373 are for drying large items such as blankets, comforters or sleeping bags. Note that these dryers are for large ITEMS, not just large loads. You’ll save time and money by splitting large loads of clothes between two or more of the medium size dryers.

Dryers 340 thru 363 are medium size dryers. Some of these dryers get much heavier use than others. The dryers on the bottom and towards the middle of the laundromat get used the least. You’re less likely to have trouble with the dryers that are used less often, but there are no medium size dryers that “get hotter” or “dry better” than other medium size dryers. All of the medium size dryers are exactly the same (as are all of the large dryers).

Please remove your load from the dryer promptly and close the dryer door when the cycle is complete.

6. The dryer will not start and it displays “door”. The loading door is closed. What’s wrong?

The lint filter drawer is not closed properly.

7. Will the dryer timer keep running when I open the dryer loading door or lint filter?

The dryer timer counts down continuously once you start the dryer, even with the door or lint filter open.

8. The change machine is not accepting my bill.

The changers require the bill to be oriented properly to read it. Look at the picture above the bill slot on the changer and orient your bill the exact way the picture shows. Crisp, fresh bills are more likely to be accepted than limp, worn out bills. If your worn bill is rejected repeatedly and you have it oriented properly, please use a crisp, fresh bill. Also, a worn out bill will likely jamb the changer and put it out of service IF that changer accepts the worn bill.

9. Where are the garbage cans?

Look for the garbage slots built into the folding tables. Plastic and cardboard soap containers will not fit through the slot. Please leave them sitting in an out-of –the-way corner for recycling.

10. Why does the Laundromat look messy today?

Tualatin Laundromat is cleaned every day prior to opening. If it does not look clean right now, it is because earlier customers were messy and inconsiderate. This is an unattended, self-serve laundromat. We appreciate your help in keeping the laundromat clean.

11. What do you do with items left behind?

This is an unattended self-serve laundromat. There is no one available to manage a lost and found. We do not have a lost and found. Please check the machines you used before you leave. We remove clothes from the washers and dryers if they are left behind after closing and place them on the nearest flat surface. If you don’t see it in the Laundromat, we don’t have it. If you value what you’re washing, DO NOT LEAVE IT UNATTENDED.

12. What are the hours of operation for Tualatin Laundromat?

We are open from 6am to 10pm OR UNTIL YOU ARE DONE every day of the year – even holidays. The door unlocks automatically at 6am and locks automatically at 10pm. There is a motion detector that allows you to get out after the door locks. You are welcome to stay as late as you need to, but you need to stay inside after 10pm. You can start your wash at 10pm if you choose to. Just arrive before 10pm and stay until you are done. In warmer weather, we install a kick down door stop on the door so that the door can be propped open. IF YOU ARE THE LAST ONE TO LEAVE THE LAUNDROMAT AT NIGHT, WE WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU WOULD MAKE SURE THE DOOR IS CLOSED. A locked and open door defeats the purpose of a locking the door.

13. Do you have laundromats at other locations?

We have 2 other Laundromat locations:

Progress Laundromat, 8608 SW Hall Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97008
Vermont Hills Laundromat, 4520 SW Vermont St, Portland, OR 97219